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Q. I have a follow-up question to your response of March 1 regarding a FERS retirement supplement question, which states in part that: “When your earnings in one year exceed the earnings limit, your special retirement supplement will be reduced in the following year.”
What if you earn over the limit in the year you turn 62? You won’t be receiving the supplement in the following year, so it can’t be reduced. And, if I understand correctly, the reduction can only be applied to the supplement (and not the “regular” FERS annuity). Does that mean that for all practical purposes there is no earnings limit for the year you turn 62?

A. It’s my understanding that if you were to have been overpaid and reached age 62, the reduction would be made in your first year’s Social Security benefit. If you didn’t apply for that benefit on reaching age 62, you would be billed for the overpayment.


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