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Q. Question: As a military retiree, if I buy back my military time, will my military retirement pay stop or will it then continue until I completely retire from federal service?
Details: I served on active duty from 1982-2002, and retired with an honorable discharge. I began receiving my military retirement pay. I then entered federal service as a GS-14, and I am under FERS. I do not have a disability. I have been told that if I buy back my military time, my retirement pay will immediately stop. My research shows that the military retiree pay would continue until I fully retire from federal service, which would be the sum of my active-duty time along with my GS time.
Hope you can help. This has been frustrating trying to get an answer or a reference to an answer.

A. If you make a deposit for your military time, your military retired pay will continue. However, to be certain that your waiver of that pay is processed in time, you’ll need to send your waiver request directly to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service at least 90 days, but no later than 60 days, before your planned retirement date.


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