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Q: I will have completed 20 years under the Federal Employees Retirement System  in mid-2015 at the age of 58.  Because I wish to continue contributing to and receiving Federal Employees Health Benefit, I do not want to go the deferred annuity route.  If I retire with 20 years service at age 58, will I be able to receive my annuity and the special supplement until age 62?  If so, will I be able to work in a private sector job and still receive my annuity and supplement?

A: You aren’t eligible to retire. Unless you are a law enforcement officer, firefighter or air traffic controller, the earliest you could retire with 20 years of service would be age 60. You would then be eligible for the special retirement supplement. However, if your earnings from wages or self employment exceeded the Social Security annual earnings limit, your SRS would be reduced or eliminated.


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