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Q: You answered the question below in a previous post. Can you give me the legal statute/instruction that states this so I can let my human resources department know? They are trying to tell me that my military service won’t count toward leave accrual time and I am in almost this exact situation as below.

I am starting a general service job soon, but am getting some conflicting messages about how much leave I will accrue. I am a member of the U.S. Army Retired Reserve with about 14 years of active duty time. I will not receive military retired pay for another 12 years.
Will my active duty time be creditable for leave in the civilian system?

A: You’ll find all the information you need in OPM’s chapter on Creditable Service for Leave Accrual. Go to and scroll down to section 6.6.


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  1. Andrew Runde on

    Why can a military technician (Department of the Army Civilian) who retires from the Reserve Component and then re-enters the Federal work force be granted credit towards their annual Federal leave computation, while an Active Guard and Reserve who retires under the same job series (for example 0346) as the military technician can not have the same benefit?

  2. I am currently serving in the Army Reserve with about 10 years of active duty time.

    I was previously a MILTECH For the Army Reserve (FERS) 10 years while serving in the Army Reserve.

    I plan to return to Federal Service in the next 12 months, but I will not retire from the Army Reserve for another 3 years.

    Is my service creditable for leave accrual?

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