FEHB coverage for 22-year-old child


Q. I have a daughter who is currently covered under FEHB and is 21.  She will be 22 this November and I understand she will qualify for coverage again under FEHB effective Jan. 1, 2011.  She currently works part time and is not eligible for insurance through her employer; however it is possible she may become full time/permanent within the next month.  She would not be eligible for insurance until she has been a full-time employee for 90 days, which means she could possibly qualify for insurance through her employer by Jan. 1.

My question is: Can she decline insurance through her employer and be covered solely under my FEHB coverage, or does she “have” to purchase insurance through her employer? Understanding that if this is the case, her insurance would be primary and my health insurance would be secondary.  What if she does not become eligible for insurance through her employer until after Jan 1 … does that change anything?

A. Definitive answers to your questions will be included in the open season material provided to you by your agency, if you are an employee, or OPM, if you are a retiree or survivor.


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