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Q. I am currently 48 years of age with 30 years of federal service.  I am covered under the FERS retirement system.  If I am unable to meet the conditions of my employment, I will be suspended indefinitely.  Unfortunately, my organization does not offer reassignments to other positions, so I would be faced with being involuntarily separated.  If this involuntary separation occurs, would I be eligible for early retirement without penalty because I have 30 years of service?

A. Yes, if you are involuntarily separated because such things as unacceptable performance or failure to continue to meet the qualification requirements of your job, provided that your separation is nondisciplinary. However, you would not qualify for involuntary retirement if you you are separated for misconduct or delinquency, as determined by OPM.


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    If an employee is separated due to medical inability to perform, can an employee receive severance pay?

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