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Q: RE:  Your article of Nov. 5 titled, “Re-entering Federal Service.” In this message you state that under the MRA+10 provision the annuity will be reduced by 5 percent for every year you are under age 60.  I thought the age reduction penalty was 5 percent for every year under age 62?  This is regardless if one has at least 20 years of service at their MRA (FERS Section 42A3.1-1A,  Annuity Reduction For Age).  I understand that if you postpone receiving the annuity until age 60, you can avoid the age reduction penalty altogether, but I’m referring to taking an immediate annuity at say, age 58 – a 10 percent reduction vs. a 20 percent reduction makes a HUGE difference. Please clarify as I have received differing advice on this.

A: You are correct. Thanks.


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