6C Retirement and 25 yrs at any age


Q. I am in federal law enforcement and, therefore, covered under the special retirement criteria.  I cannot seem to get a straight answer for this question.
On Sept. 2, 2011, at age 47, I will have 25 years of federal service (22 as an LEO and three as a non-LEO).  Everything I read states 25 years of federal service at any age.  Is it 25 years of law enforcement only, or do I qualify as long as I have 20 years of federal law enforcement and  five years from any other federal time?  My HR person recently prepared a retirement package and I am told that my first eligible date is my birthday, Oct. 15, 2013, when I will be 50.  Please provide a site if you have one.

A. To retire at any age, you would have to have 25 years of covered service as a law enforcement officer. Go to http://opm.gov/retire/pubs/handbook/C046.pdf and scroll down to Section 46B3.3-1B.


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