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Q. I worked as a civilian mariner for the Military Sealift Command from 1983 to 1998 and was covered by CSRS. I withdrew my CSRS contributions in a lump sum upon my departure and recently returned to work with MSC under FERS. Am I eligible for CSRS offset? Is there also a way I can refund my previous contributions?

A. Unless I’m missing something, you should have been placed in CSRS offset with the option of electing to be covered by FERS. If I’m right, you were erroneously enrolled in FERS and can, if you want to, have that undone and be placed in CSRS offset. In either case, you can get credit for your period of CSRS service by redepositing the refund you received plus accrued interest. Your agency is responsible for helping you do both things.


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