Q. What happened with the proposal to change the retirement base from high-3 to high-5 (previous Federal Times quote below).  Do you expect this legislation to pass?  If so, when would it take effect.

“The CBO’s recommendations are the latest deficit reduction plans that, in part, target federal employees and their benefits. Last year, the White House’s deficit reduction commission called for basing federal employees’ pensions on the average of their highest five years of salaries instead of the current high-three method and cutting the federal work force by 10 percent, among other recommendations. Several Republican lawmakers are dissatisfied with the two-year pay scale freeze President Obama instituted in 2011 and 2012, and have tried to halt the General Schedule’s regularly scheduled step increases to broaden the freeze.”

A. To date no legislation has been introduced to change the high-3 to a high-5.


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