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Q. The WEP law will negatively affect me and a lot of people I know. Please, can you give those of us affected an update on any repeal actions now in Congress?  I know there were bills put forward, but I don’t know the status, any recent activity or the likelyhood of this repeal ever being realized.  Many conservatives are promoting class warfare and pit nongovernment workers against public service employees. We are not the problem. Please update us on the viability of this repeal going forward, and, if you will, how those affected can push the repeal. Who to write, who to push, how to organize, etc.  Maybe our actions could help. I hope so.

A. S. 113, the Public Servant Retirement Protection Act of 2011, which would repeal the windfall elimination provision, was introduced by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Jan. 25, 2011, without any co-sponsors. The bill was referred to the Senate Finance Committee, where it now sits. There isn’t any companion bill in the House. While you can always contact your members of Congress to encourage action, in the current fiscal climate it’s unlikely that any action will be taken on it this year.



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    • Nothing further has happened on this front. And there’s no way to know if the incoming agency will have and interest in the subject.

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