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Q. Once you submit your retirement paperwork, then you change your mind, can you pull it back at any time prior to your retirement date?

Also, why doesn’t OPM send you a notice that your owe CSRS Redeposit?  I left the federal government some 30 years ago and pulled out my CSRS retirement.  When I came back in, I was told that I only had to pay that back if I went back into the CSRS system.  As with most people, I probably didn’t pay too much attention to the paperwork I was signing (if I did at all) stating the monies had to be paid back anyway once I went into FERS.  I honestly did not know I had to pay that money back when I went into FERS.  Now that I am getting ready to retire, the $7,000 I didn’t put back in has grown to $42,000.  I had no idea I owed this!  Shouldn’t someone, anyone, have at least sent out something in the past 25 years letting me know how much I owe and how much interest had accumulated?  I mean, 25 years and absolutely nothing from anyone about the redeposit.  You would think they would at least send you a statement once a year.  There are a few people in my organization who are getting ready to retire and are finding out the same thing.

A. You can ask to have your application withdrawn; however, your agency can decline to accept it if it has a valid reason for doing so and provides that reason to you in writing. A good example would be if it has already hired someone to fill your position. Another would be if your position was being abolished and there wasn’t any other for which you were qualified.

On your second point, it’s your agency’s responsibility to discuss the consequences of not making a deposit or redeposit. OPM won’t even know that you’ve returned to work for the government until it receives your retirement papers.


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