VERA and re-employment in private sector


Q. I took the Postal Service’s Voluntary Early Retirement Authority in July 2009.  I am under FERS and had 25 years of service in the post office when I took the VERA.  OPM has let us know that in May, I will be getting my annuity supplement based on the VERA.

I decided to go back to work full time after a year and a half off work. I will be making about one-third of what I was paid in the post office.  How much am I allowed to make before my supplement is reduced or taken away?  Since I am starting midyear, are the earnings based on monthly income or yearly income?  This is one question that is not answered in the retirement book I received when I decided to take the VERA.

A. The limit is on annual earnings from wages or self-employment. In 2011 that limit is $14,160.



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