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Q: I am a firefighter/law enforcement retiree under the Civil Service Retirement System. I have been retired for seven years and am interested in returning to work. A local federal agency is interested in having me work for them in a seasonal position as a GS-4. I would work from approximately May to October and would receive no benefits, as these types of positions/employees are not eligible for health insurance or retirement benefits. I would be paying into Social Security, which I am currently not collecting. The agency cannot seem to get a clear answer as to if it would be OK to hire a federal retiree, so any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. If I were to be hired, how would this affect my monthly CSRS retirement payment and/or my CSRS retirement in general?

A: Your salary would be reduced by the amount of your annuity unless you were hired under Public Law 111-84, which allows the re-employment of retirees on a limited basis if the appointment meets one of the criteria in Section 1122. Make sure the position you are applying for qualifies under this statute and would allow you to receive both your annuity and a full salary before accepting it.


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