CSRS Reinstatement


Q: I have 14 years 10 months of federal service under CSRS that ended in May 1993. I am returning to federal service later this year. Can I be reinstated under CSRS?

Also, my “high three” likely will be based on my earnings from the new employment as it is at a higher level than when I left in 1993. How do I calculate my retirement?

A: When you return to work for the government, you’ll be placed in CSRS Offset (CSRS and Social Security) with the option of transferring to FERS. Your annuity will be calculated under the rules for whichever retirement system you are. However, if you elect to be covered by FERS, you will have a CSRS component in your annuity, which will be calculated under CSRS rules. Note: I’m assuming that you left your contributions in the retirement system when you left government. If you didn’t, you’ll have to redeposit that money, plus accumulated interest, to get credit for it.


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