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Q: My wife just retired with 21 years and five months of government service at age 60. Her first two years and 10 months she was a WG employee at the Navy Exchange. She then became a DOD employee (with no break in service) and was told all of her WG time transferred to the GS position. Her service commencement date has always included her time as a WG employee. OPM has told her she is not eligible for the Social Security supplement because her time as a WG does not count, and she only has 18 years and 7 months under FERS. I think they are wrong because she qualifies for her FERS annuity based on 21 years of service and therefore is eligible for the supplement.  Is she eligible to receive the Social Security supplement?

A: Your wife is entitled to the special retirement supplement, but it would be based solely on the years when she was a FERS employee. Other service, which might be creditable for retirement purposes, cannot be included when determining the amount of the SRS.


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