Unemployment after mandatory retirement?


Q: I work in the area of law enforcement with the Bureau of Prisons. We have a mandatory requirement to retire at age 57. We are forced out without any rights to stay. My question is: Are we eligible for unemployment compensation benefits because we no longer have a job? Even though we are able to work and it is not our decision to leave. If so, how long are we allowed to claim unemployment benefits?

A: While it’s unlikely that you’d qualify for unemployment compensation, such determinations are made by the state in which you reside. Once you have been separated from your government job, you should go to the nearest public employment and claims office of your state’s employment security agency and register for work and claim unemployment benefits.


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  1. You are absolutely entitled to 1 yr of unemployment because you were forced from your job. We have our own federal hotline in CA. Ask your HR.

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