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Q. If I worked as a nonappropriated funds employee flex for six months and then was hired as a regular part-time employee for a year and a half, then transferred over to a full-time GS federal employee with no break in service at all. I used four annual leave days only then I went into my federal full-time job. I have been told that they are counting my NAF time in with my federal, but I still missing that year and a half. How can I get this taken care of and will they count my flex time as well?

A.  This is a complicated area with a lot of wrinkles in it. I suggest you go to and look for your answers there. If you can’t find them on the site, click on For Further Assistance and follow the directions there.

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  1. Miriam Morales on

    I had the same issue as you. I was NAF Flex and then Full time. What I did I submitted a trouble ticket thru MyBiz website and a HR in CONUS help me solved the issue and added the work time to my GS position. Flex time does not count towards retirement, however the part time year and a half that you worked as NAF does.

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