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Q.  Due to the latest news from the Postal Service a lot of us old-timers are worried about the future of our CSRS retirement. I have been a Postal Service employee for over 32 years. I am under the CSRS system. I am 52 so I cannot retire for three more years.

One of the proposed items on the Postal Service agenda is to look at taking over the retirement system and health care plans. This is a big mistake. How can they manage those systems if they can not even manage the company?  My question is: First can they even do that and if you have put in to the CSRS for over 30 years, are you safe as far as keeping the CSRS retirement program?

My other question is, do you feel they will offer another early out and if so would they be allowed to offer a three-year incentive either way (age or years of service) in order to get those close to retirement the incentive to go? Even if they would offer us the ability to go without a penalty there would be a LARGE number of us willing to go now.

A.  What you are worried about is a proposal being floated by the U.S. Postal Service. Not surprisingly, you want to know what’s going to happen. Equally unsurprisingly, I can’t tell you. Nor can anyone else. We’re going to have to wait for events to unfold.



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