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Q: I work for postal service as a PS-06 mail processing bargaining clerk with a base rate of $53,102. I have been offered an Inspection Service ISLE 09 position (equivalent to a GS-09) that will include a locality pay of 24.22 percent. As far as I know, as a bargaining employee who gets an EAS promotion, the salary schedule would receive a 5 percent increase to my existing bargaining-unit salary. In my case, the new base pay rate would be $55,757. So how would the locality pay be computed? Would it be new base pay rate of $55,757 + 24.22 percent locality pay?

A: I can’t tell you what your new salary would be because I don’t know anything about the Postal Service’s rules governing pay adjustments upon promotion. However, I can tell you that locality pay would be on top of that new salary, whatever it is.


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