VERA and 2 percent per year age penalty


Q.  I am a Defense Department employee with close to 32 years of service.  I am 51 ½ years old.  I fall under CSRS.  They are talking about offering voluntary early retirement with a $25,000 bonus.  If I had a firm offer, I would love to negotiate a trade of the $25,000 for some or all of the 2 percent per year reduction I will need to take if I accept the VERA.   Have you ever heard of this being done?

A. No, because it can’t be done. The law doesn’t permit it.


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  1. I am a newly hired federal employee. How concern should I be with all the deficit cut rumors that are in the hands of the super committee? I just find it hard to believe the government would furlough employees in this time of crisis along with the contractors, raising the unemployment rate all the more higher for the middle class. I am hearing, “Last to hire, first to fire.”

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