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Q. I am trying to find out if my temporary federal government employment during the 1990s can be credited toward my service computation date. When I was young, I worked briefly for two different federal  government agencies as a stay-in schooler. Later on, I worked for another government agency and did not stay there long either (not as a stay-in-schooler).  Later on after I left the military, I went back to the federal government for a year before I was hired at another agency.  My service computation date is based off my military service and my other two federal employers.  But the temp positions I did as a stay in schooler were not counted. My question is can they be counted?

A. Unfortunately, the law is clear. Periods of nondeduction service, such as temporary employment, performed on or after Jan. 1, 1989, aren’t creditable for either eligibility or annuity computation purposes.

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