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Q: I had some active-duty time for which I paid the deposit so it would count toward retirement after age 62. I had one period of 5 1/2 months that my local civilian personnel office said I didn’t have to make a deposit since I was on LWOP-US for this period. Even the CSRS Retirement Facts 3 dated October 1997 said the same thing. I received a letter from OPM shortly after I retired stating that since I didn’t make a deposit required under Public Law 97-253 for this time, my annuity will be recomputed to eliminate credit for this at age 62. I tried to pay for it when I paid for all my other active-duty time but I am now retired and have no choice but to take the unjustified reduction at age 62. Do I have any course of action?

A: Unfortunately, no.


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