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Q. I worked as a WG-10 for the Air Force from November 1985 to July 2000, after fours years of active duty. I already rolled over my Thrift Savings Plan 401(k). I was under the Federal Employees Retirement System, but I remember contributing a small amount each pay period toward retirement. Where can I find out what benefits I will receive and when I am eligible to collect?

A. Assuming that you didn’t get a refund of your retirement contributions, at age 62 you could apply for a deferred annuity. It would be computed using the following formula: 0.01 x your highest three years of average salary (your high-3) x your years and full months of FERS employment. Your active duty service wouldn’t be included in those years of service unless you had made a deposit for them to the civilian retirement system while you were still working for the federal government.


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