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Q. I am a Postal Service carrier in the Federal Employees Retirement System, but with a Civil Service Retirement System component. Before I became a career CSRS employee, I had 3 years as a sub (from 1980 to 1983), for which I have made a deposit. My question is: Is that time covered under CSRS or FERS? I was told by a retirement specialist that it is considered FERS time, which is reflected on my current annuity estimate. An older estimate gave me credit under the CSRS. I am planning on retiring soon and would like to be sure that the Postal Service has my correct service time. (I switched to FERS in 1999, if that information is helpful).

A. That period of service which preceded your becoming a CSRS employee, and for which you made a deposit, will be credited to the CSRS component of your annuity.


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