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Q. I have been a GS (FERS) employee for 22 years, age 44. I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security. I want to work overseas again (I worked for the Defense department in Germany about 10 years ago) and found a job that seems like a perfect fit. The problem is that it’s a nonappropriated fund job.

When transferring from a non-DoD GS job to a NAF job: Will I still earn five weeks of annual leave per year? Will my sick leave balance transfer over? Would I still make contributions to FERS and TSP?

When transferring back from a NAF job to either a DoD job or another agency: Will my leave balances transfer back?  Will my rate of leave accrual still be five weeks of annual leave per year? Will I basically be able to “pick up where I left off” as far as time in service goes, under FERS? In other words, if I’ve already worked 22 years as a GS (starting at age 22), go work under NAF for three years, and then go back to a GS job for 15 years, I assume I would retire with 37 years of service instead of 40, at age 62? Is there anything else to be aware of?

A. We are only able to answer questions about federal civilian employment under Title 5. We don’t know what the consequences would be if you were to move to a NAF position. You’ll have to ask your prospective employer.


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