'Orphan' annuities


Q. Assume a child is disabled at birth and over age 18, and therefore would be eligible to get a survivor annuity at any age. If this child has two CSRS parents, and one passes, the child gets a survivor annuity on the account of the deceased parent (currently $487 per month). So when the remaining parent dies, the amount should be upped to the higher rate (currently $584). But is the child eligible for another survivor annuity on the account of the newly deceased parent? Can this child get two survivor annuities, each $584 per month?  Or are they limited to receiving just one?

A. A disabled child who meets the criteria you spelled out would get one annuity, not both. In the case of a child who loses one parent, he or she would receive the “single orphan” annuity; if both parents are dead, the “double orphan” annuity.


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