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Q. Regarding the amount on each leave and earnings statement about my total CSRS contributions to date:  My agency was BRACed in the 1990s, and I transferred to another. We were told at the time to keep track of our last LES from the old station as the retirement contribution amounts would not transfer on the LES. In the move, of course, I lost the old LES. At the new station, our pay system changed and we were told the same thing again. I noticed both times that the contribution amount was reset to zero. Is that information still true about the current figure on the LES, or does it now reflect the actual amount of CSRS contributions to date? If not, how can I find out what that amount really is when I need to make the calculations for tax purposes after retirement?

A. When you retire, the 1099-R form the Office of Personnel Management sends you will include both your total contributions to the retirement fund and the amount of your annuity that is taxable.


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