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Q. I worked for years for the Federal Aviation Administration, part of the Department of Transportation. My pay was handled by Employee Express, which sent me my leave and earnings statement and W-2s. In mid-June 2010, I left the FAA and went to work for the Missile Defense Agency, part of the Defense Department. My pay is now handled by Defense Finance and Accounting Services, which gives me my LES and W-2s. But the W-2 from DFAS covers only the second half of 2010.

Where can I get the W-2 for my time at the FAA? I can’t get into Employee Express, since I have no account there anymore. I left an inquiry-recording at OPM and have no response.

A. Your former agency is responsible for providing you with the W-2. Contact their payroll office.


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  1. Hernan Monserrate on

    I worked at Alameda Naval Air Rework Facility in Alameda, California between 1980 through 1985 as a civil servant and need to obtain copies of my W2 forms for those years worked there, who do I contact to try and obtain these?

    • You’ll have to call the finance office at that facility and ask them where those payroll records are located

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