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Q. My husband has bought back his time in the military and now, after three years with the Department of  Veterans Affairs, he might have to leave before getting his five years needed to retire. Is there any reason why he would not be refunded the money he paid for those years?

A. If your husband resigns from the government before being eligible to retire, he can request a refund of all his retirement contributions, including the active-duty service deposit.


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  1. Your statement that he has to leave tweeked my interest … its not my business nor should you share … but … he should look into Disability retirement before leaving … every case is different and the cases that have been approved sometimes have unique logic applied. Before leaving you should even talk to an attorney who only does Federal Employee Disability Retirement. The program is 60% of your pay the first year and 40% the second year and you can stay on the program even when earning up to 80% of your last Fed Govt pay. So “might have to leave” might become “will be applying for disability” … seach in Google “Federal Disability Lawyer only” see what comes up, it should result in lawyers who only do Federal Disability and look at as well. You can never have to much good information.

  2. That is 40% from the second year until your 62 when you get credit for the years your in the program and they reassess your retirement pay under the FERS retirement program … there is no provistion for TSP contributions. Check out

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