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Q. Our agency is offering VERA, closing at the end of the month.  My husband has 20 years of service and will be 50 years old two weeks later. Is there way for the agency to allow him to use leave or leave without pay to reach eligibility? Or would they have to extend the closing date for all employees? He’s also subject to involuntary relocation due to transfer of function if he isn’t able to do the VERA?

A. VERAs have a fixed beginning date and, while they can be terminated earlier than the announced closing date, they can’t be extended beyond it.


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  1. If this is an early out inform him that his sick leave counts. If there is military make sure he has bought back his time to which counts along with sick leave. If that does not work then work until they go further to include him. Never jump first on these early out because if they really want to downsize then they will offer bigger incentives after they got the first round of fools.

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