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Q. My husband is going to retire early next year. He will be 65. He has been paying for self plus family Blue Cross Blue Shield since he began working for the Defense Department (BSBC 105).  I am a federal FERS retiree who will not be 65 until 2013. We heard somewhere that it is not a good idea to do single BCBS but continue with the family plan even though it comes out cheaper. We also have Tricare as a secondary as my husband is a retired military officer. Please advise as to the pros and cons of single versus family plan federal BCBS.

A. Rather than argue the benefits of single versus family Federal Employees Health Benefits plan enrollment, let me tell you what many other couples with Tricare coverage are doing: They retain their entitlement to self and family FEHB coverage and suspend it while they are covered by Tricare. That allows them to re-enroll at a later date if necessary. Whether this approach would be good for you would depend on an evaluation of your medical needs both now and in the future.


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