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Q. I was told that federal employees are not covered under temporary disability insurance. I was directed to different offices with negative results. I asked our CIVPAY office and was told that I have mandatory payroll deduction for Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance for the past 28 years meant for disability insurance. I have submitted my disability retirement application to our civilian personnel Office at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, since December. I have depleted my personal savings and am experiencing financial hardship and I need help. Please direct me to the right office to apply for this temporary disability insurance benefit pending approval of my benefit.

A. What you were told is correct. The federal government doesn’t provide temporary disability insurance for its civilian employees. Instead, employees must use sick and annual leave or go on leave without pay.

However, the government does allow employees to donate annual leave to someone in need. Talk to a benefits specialist in your personnel office about how to get on the list of potential recipients.


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  1. This person needs to apply for Social Security Disability, in addition to the application for Disability Retirement from Federal Service that he has already submitted.

  2. You are very vague. Was this an on the job injury? If so the government has to back you. You have three years to recover for oji. In that time frame if you dont recover the government can place you on their needs or terminate ur employment. If the injury is off duty then your best interest is to provide alldocs to H.R and flow with them. The bottom line is to get a check but if its an off duty injury, your hands lie with where the Governments lie. Twenty plus years in service and you may have a chance especially if they like you. If not you will have to provide documentation to fight disability…..especially if ur new 5 years or less. Its best with 5 or less to fight to work n the pull ur ace card.

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