Social Security, buyouts and survivor benefits


Q. I am curious to know if I qualify for Social Security benefits as my late husband paid greatly into them. I am a FERS employee, age 52, with 29 years of service and am considering taking the early-out expected to be offered soon at our company. If I were to assume one of the terms of this early retirement/buyout is a bridge, would it be somewhat more possible to retire given that I would be entitled to survivor benefits?

A. You would first be eligible for a Social Security survivor benefit at age 60. However, it would only be 71.5 percent of the amount you’d get if you waited until your full retirement age of 67.


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  1. What he neglected to tell you is, you are collectig your husband’s S.S. When your own reaches it’s maximum benefit, switch over and begin collecting yours. Unless of course your spouses is considerably more then yours.That is what I was told to do by my local S.S. office.

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