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Q. I am CSRS and, so far, I have 2,606 hours of sick leave stored up. The Office of Personnel Management website sick leave conversion chart only goes up to 2,081 hours. There used to be a nifty online sick leave automatic calculator on the now-defunct USGS retirement website where you simply typed in your hours, clicked on the button, and it would instantly tell you how many years/months/days of work credit it was worth.  Do you have, or do you know of someone else who has, such a helpful little online calculator where I can just type in my hours and have it tell me the exact number of years/months/days it adds up to?

A. Yes, there is. Just go to and click on menu item No. 4. It will not only tell you how many years, months and days your sick leave adds up to but, if you plug in your high-3, it will tell you how much more your monthly annuity will be.


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