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Q. I am active Army with a terminal leave date of July 1. I am considering a GS-13 position with a start date of July 1 (I plan to work during terminal leave), but I have to negotiate a step increase. However, I’m being told I can’t use my leave and earnings statement as justification for my current pay. Is that the case? If so, why?

A. Your leave and earnings statement is simply a one-month snapshot. In addition, it may be difficult for the folks you are negotiating with to separate the income that represents your job-based earnings from any allowances and differentials that don’t. You’ll need to ask them what they really need to have and then educate them.


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  1. Thank you for your Military service. However, you Military pay is what you earned in the Military. A Civillian job is what the employer is willing to pay.

    You may ask for a higher step, but in no wise does the employer have to go above a step 1. If that is not acceptable, you have the option of looking elsewhere.

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