Buyout eligibility for LWOP employee


Q. I’ve been on leave without pay for more than a year, having opted out of receiving a top-up from the federal government (I’m with HRSDC), instead collecting employment insurance only. My thinking was that I may not want to return to work, and I didn’t want to owe anything if I was to resign. I opted out of paying into my pension, as well, so I’m on indefinite “care of immediate family” leave. Today, my branch was summoned to a meeting, where we were told to expect the worst (they are cutting 30 percent of staff). I would like to offer to be bought out. Someone else who needs it more can have my position. However, given my situation, would I even be entitled to a buyout?

A. If your agency is authorized to offer buyouts, there is nothing that would bar you from receiving one. Whether they would offer you one would be entirely up to them. However, since they are probably looking to cut costs and you aren’t costing them anything, you may not be high on their list.


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