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Q. I am 51 years old, a retired active reservist with 20 years active duty and receiving my pension as of January 2011. I am also a federal employee under FERS and have paid back 14 years active duty for retirement credit. I plan on retiring from the federal government in 2014. Will I receive both pensions? How do I know which one pays more?

A. Yes, you will receive both benefits without a reduction in either. Why you want to know which benefit pays more escapes me. You will get what you are entitled to under each retirement system. Most FERS retirees can find out what their annuity will be by using the standard formula: 0.01 x  high-3 x years and full months of service (both FERS and active duty purchased through a deposit). Since this is a civilian site, I have no idea how your reserve retired pay will be calculated. You’ll have to check with your branch of service.


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  1. I respectfully disagree unless your 14 years of military duty ended because of a combat related disability. If you qualify for an active duty retirement even if it was earned in the reserve forces you cannot buy any of that time for a federal civilian retirement unless you received a combat disability then you can buy back the contingency operation deployment period of active duty.
    You can however qualify for a separate FERS annuity without including your military service and draw them both… I recomend you request a refund of your military deposit.

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