Q. I am a CSRS retiree and also draw a CSRS annuity on my deceased husband. I have been widowed for seven years and plan to remarry this year. I am 67. Am I secure to keep receiving my survivor annuity after I remarry? I do not want to lose it, and your answer will affect my decision. I think the rule is that you must be 55 to continue the survivor annuity.

A. There is no bar to your remarrying and receiving the survivor annuity based on your late husband’s election of a survivor annuity. The criterion you refer to applies only if a survivor remarries before age 55 and was married to the deceased spouse for fewer than 30 years .


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  1. I am receiving spousal support from my ex’s retirement pension . Will I lose it if I remarry. We were married almost 43 years. My divorce decree says that I will get the survivor benefits if he dies. Would I lose those if I remarried?

  2. I turn 55 in November 2017 I receive my late wife’s retirement. I was told I had to wait till I was 55 to remarry to keep receiving it as well as the health benefits. Thank you,

      • I am a retired csrs annunity. I been receiving benefits for 11 years. I thinking about getting married. Will my husband be entitled to Csrs benefits he get social security benefits. I n addition Ive worked 40 quarters under Ssa. Will I be able to collect Social security as well?

        • Your future husband would only be entitled to a survivor annuity if you elect to have him receive that benefit. If you did, there would be two reductions in your own annuity. The first would be the standard reduction to provide the benefit, The second would be a permanent actuarial reduction in your annuity to pay the survivor benefit deposit. That deposit would equal the difference between the new annuity rate and the annuity paid to you each month since you retired, plus 6 percent interest. As for any Social Security benefit to which you are entitled, it would be impacted by the windfall elimination provision of law. The WEP reduces the social security benefit of anyone who has fewer that 30 years of substantial earnings under Social Security.

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