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Q. I turned 53 in July. I worked as an intermediate employee with the IRS for seven months in 1985, then as a permanent employee for the CDC/VA Medical Center from 1986 to 1987. I resigned and was reinstated in November 1987 as a temp for two years, then in November 1989 received a permanent job, which I now hold. My service computation date is 1986, and I checked for retirement and the service computation date is 1988. My installation is now talking about a reduction in force. How much time do I have? Where do I stand? The agency is also offering voluntary early retirement/voluntary separation; should I take this?

A. To find out if your service computation date for retirement is correct, you’ll have to go to your personnel office and go through your official personnel folder (OPF) with a benefits specialist. Once you know that, the benefits specialist can tell you what competitive level you’d be in on anRIFretention register. As for whether you should accept early retirement and/or a buyout, that’s up to you.


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