6c covered position and mandatory retirement


Q. I am working under a non-6c-covered law enforcement position and will turn 37 at the end of this year. I am working on finishing my degree and would like to move into an 1811 position, but the timing will not permit my movement directly into that series. If I move into a 6c position before my 37th birthday, will I be eligible to transfer into an 1811 position (FBI)? I have been looking for an answer for a few days and haven’t had much luck. HR folks at FBI were not sure but did say my SF-50 would have to contain a specific notation on it that would make me eligible for transfer after age 37.

A. In general, an employee must be in a covered position before age 37 to complete 20 years of service before the mandatory retirement age of 57. However, under certain circumstances, an agency can hire someone after age 37. If they do, the employee can continue to work until he completes 20 years and then be separated. The ability to do that varies by not only agency but, sometimes, activity. Only the agency you want to join can tell you whether you’d be able to do that. Even then, they may have to check with a higher level or even OPM.


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