Survivor annuity


Q. My husband worked for the federal government for about 40 years under CSRS, and he is now receiving a generous monthly pension. I worked various part-time jobs over the years, and I currently work for the federal government. When I retire, I will have worked less than 20 years under FERS, so I will be entitled to a small federal pension, and Social Security. Our primary source of income is my husband’s CSRS retirement.

If my husband should predecease me, I know I will receive a widow’s pension of approximately 55 percent of what he is currently receiving. Would there be any offset? In other words, let us say that I am entitled to receive $4,000 a month from CSRS widow’s benefit + $1,000 a month from my FERS retirement + $1,000 a month in Social Security benefits. Since my husband is under CSRS, would there be any government offset, or would I be entitled to the entire $6,000 per month?

A. You would be entitled to the entire amount.


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