Military retirement pay, temp work and stay-in-school work


Q. I receive regular 20-year active-duty military retirement pay. If I accepted a temporary position (i.e. not to exceed one year), would my salary be offset by my retirement or would I be able to collect both? Also, when I was young, I worked for a federal government agency as a stay-in-schooler. I am trying to find out if my temporary federal government employment from 1985 through 1988 can be credited toward my service computation date once I find a permanent/career-status federal position.

A. Taking a federal job of any sort will not affect your military retired pay. You’ll be able to collect both your military retired pay and the salary of your civilian position.

Whether your stay-in-school work experience would be creditable would depend on a number of factors. You’d have to check with the personnel office of your new employer to see if any credit could be given. The one thing it wouldn’t be creditable toward is retirement.


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