Unused sick leave from military job


Q. I am a former military service member with an honorable discharge (not retirement) and just took a position as a federal civil servant. Am I able to receive sick leave recredit (i.e., the equivalent of four hours per pay period) for my military service time? I am already receiving a higher annual leave accrual rate based upon my service time. I found the following regulation — 5 CFR 630.502 — Sick leave recredit: “(a) When an employee transfers between positions under subchapter I of chapter 63 of title 5, United States Code, the agency from which the employee transfers shall certify his or her sick leave account to the employing agency for credit or charge.”

A. That regulation applies only to transfers between federal civilian agencies covered by Title 5 U.S. Code. Therefore, you cannot receive credit for sick leave you hadn’t used when you left the military.


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