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Q. I am in CSRS and plan to retire at 4:30 pm. May 3. I will have my 80 hours in by that time. My three questions:

1. Do I enter the date May 3, 2013, in Block B Question 2 of the retirement form (SF-2801) as my “Final date of separation”? I think I read an article that there is a difference between a retirement date and the final date of separation.

2. Will I earn eight hours of annual leave for that pay period?

3. Will my annuity start on May 4, with my first check received in early June?

A. The final date of separation is the last day you are employed by your agency. If you leave at close of business Friday, May 3, you’ll be on the annuity roll Saturday, May 4, and receive your first annuity payment June 1. That payment will be for only 27/30th of a month. Since you will have completed 80 hours during that final pay period, you’ll get credit for eight hours of annual leave and four hours of sick leave.


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