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Q. I am a GS-14 federal retiree, having retired in October. I worked continuously (no break in service) for 34½ years. My period of employment was entirely competitive service. I was classified as exempt from the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. I am interested in knowing how I would be paid if I decided to apply as a rehired federal annuitant. Is there a table that you can point me to with a step-by-step decision tree as well as examples of how a salary would be determined?

A. Nope. There aren’t any tables or decision trees. It would be up to you to find a job and negotiate with your potential employer to set a rate of pay within the pay scale for that grade. In most cases, your salary would be offset by the amount of your annuity. If you worked for a year full time, you’d be entitled to a supplemental annuity. If you worked for five years full time, you’d be entitled to a redetermined annuity.

Note: If you were hired into a position that allowed you to receive both your annuity and the full salary of your position, you wouldn’t be entitled to either a supplemental or a redetermined annuity. When you left, your salary would simply stop and your annuity would continue.


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