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Q. Your Sept. 17 article regarding healthy retirement packages for submission to OPM mentions the SF 2806 or SF3100, which should contain your service and fiscal history. In my case, since I will have 35 years of service when I retire and I worked for six agencies (maybe seven, if Defense Contracts Management Agency counts separately from Defense Logistics Agency, from which it sprang), my current agency (NIH) does not have the accumulated retirement taken from my pay, either by calendar year or in total. When a federal employee changes agencies, the amount starts accumulating again from the first paycheck. How should the form be submitted in this case? Also, many years ago, I had two breaks in service, for which I received my accumulated retirement contribution amounts. My current agency would not have these records; how should this be handled?

A. Agency payroll providers complete and submit an Individual Retirement Record (SF 2806 or SF 3100) to OPM whenever an employee separates.

OPM maintains the IRRs for periods of previous federal employment. The current payroll provider will complete and submit an IRR with the retirement package for the last period of service. OPM’s Benefits Administration Letter (BAL 12-103), titled Submitting “Healthy” Retirement Application Packages, states that “The SF 2806/3100 for the retiree’s final period of service is submitted with the retirement package.”


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