Deferred annuity arrears


Q. I turned 62 in 2006 October. Since I am gainfully employed, I did not file for deferred annuity until February 2012. To my surprise, my calculation is showing that my eligibility starts in October 2008 and paid arrears only up to October 2008. Secondly, it appears that cost-of-living adjustments are not considered in calculating arrears. Could you please advise me to understand and resolve this issue?

A. According to the Office of Personnel Management, “For a deferred retirement, the commencing date is normally their 62nd birthday. The commencing date remains the same even if they don’t apply until a later date. The annuity will be retroactive to the date they were first eligible and they receive any COLAs that would have been applicable from the commencing date until the date the case is adjudicated.” If this doesn’t square with what you received in your deferred annuity calculation, you’ll have to get in touch with the people who sent you that information.


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