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Q. I retired Aug. 31 after 30 years as a mailhandler. Would it benefit me now to buy back my military time?  I have the information I need and I am ready to put the check in the mail to buy it back. I just can’t find the info on how long I have after retirement to buy it back. Will it benefit me after I have already retired under the mailhandler early-out? I am 57, and retired under FERS.

A. You’re too late. Only employees can make a deposit to get credit for their active-duty service.


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  1. It may not be too late. I think you can make a deposit after separation if you can prove administrative error on the part of the Agency.

    Reference: 5 CFR §§ 831.2104(a) and 842.307 provide that in the event of administrative error related to
    the military service credit deposit, a former employee has the opportunity to make or
    complete the military deposit after separation.

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