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Q. I retired from DCAA in November 1998 as a GM13, Step 8, in northern New Jersey after 36 years of federal service as a supervisory contract auditor under CSRS. I have been thinking of returning to DCAA to work. I now live in Summerville, S.C., 20 miles from Charleston. If I took a position with DCAA in Charleston at the working grade of a GS12, how would my starting salary be calculated? Would it be what I was making in 1998 as a GM13, Step 8, increased to the 2012 level of $100,914 (adjusted for the locality pay of the rest of the U.S.), or would it be the starting salary of a GS12 of $68,809? If the starting salary is $68,809 by reducing the amount by my current retirement pay, $64,320, this would give me a salary of $4,489 or $2.16 per hour.

The other way would be $100,914 less $64,320, or $36,594, or $17.59 per hour.

A. As a re-employed annuitant, you’d be paid at the grade and step of the position in the locality where you were working, unless the hiring agency agreed to employ you at a higher step.


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